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1Paul McCartneyOne Upon A Long Ago (Extended Version)
2Paul McCartneySame Love (B-Side)
3Paul McCartneyListen To What The Man Said (Chris Mix)
4Paul McCartneyI'm In Love Again (Edit)
5Paul McCartneySame Time Next Year
6Paul McCartneyC Moon (Live In LA June 2007)
7Paul McCartneyListen To What The Man Said (Promotional Mono Version)
8Paul McCartneyFrom A Lover To A Friend (David Kahne Remix #2)
Remix – David Kahne
9Paul McCartneyPress (Video Edit)
10Paul McCartneyI'll Give You A Ring (B-Side)
11Paul McCartneyComing Up (Unedited 'Live At Glasgow' Version)
12Paul McCartneyWaterfalls (Promotional Stereo Edit)
13Paul McCartneyA Friend Like You (Duet With Brian Wilson)
Featuring – Brian Wilson
14Paul McCartneyComing Up (Zak's Mix)
15Paul McCartneyOnly Love Remains (Single Remix)
16Paul McCartneyBack In The USSR (Live In LA June 2007)
17Paul McCartneyComfort Of Love (B-Side)
18Paul McCartneyBig Boys Bickering
19Paul McCartneyFor You Blue (Concert For George 2003)
20Twin Freaks Lalula
21Paul McCartneyLove Come Tumbling Down (B-Side)
22Paul McCartneyRough Ride (BBC Special)
23Paul McCartneyNo Other Baby (Mono)
24Paul McCartneySummer Of '59 (B-Side)
25Paul McCartneyMaybe Baby
26Paul McCartney2 2 2 (Bonus Track)
27Paul McCartneyThe Back Seat Of My Car (Promotional Mono Version)
28Paul McCartneyJet (Promotional Mono Version)
29Paul McCartneyInterlude I/Ghost Image
30Paul McCartneyFigure Of Eight (Single Remix Edit)
31Paul McCartneySilly Love Songs (Wings Vs Loop Da Loop Radio Mix)
Remix – Loop Da Loop
32Paul McCartneyHey Jude
33Paul McCartneyI'm Partial To Your Abracadabra (Album Version)
34Paul McCartneyLet 'Em In (Different Gear Mix #2)
35Paul McCartneyDrive My Car (Live In LA June 2007)
36Paul McCartneyBest Love (With Steve Martin 2011)
Featuring – Steve Martin
37Paul McCartneySilly Love Songs (Noir & Kruse Radio Edit)
38Paul McCartneyMy Soul (With Nitin Sawhney; Radio Edit)
Featuring – Nitin Sawhney
39Paul McCartneyDeliverance
40Paul McCartneySeaside Woman (86 Single Remix)
41Paul McCartneyWhy So Blue (Bonus Track)
42Paul McCartneyNo More Lonely Nights (Arthur Baker Mole Mix)
Remix – Arthur Baker
43Paul McCartneyTropic Island Hum (Instrumental Version)
44Paul McCartneyOff The Ground (Bob Clearmountain Radio Remix)
Remix – Bob Clearmountain
45Paul McCartneyWalking In The Park With Eloise (Promotional Mono Version)
46Paul McCartneyBand On The Run (Promotional Stereo Edit)
47Paul McCartneyYesterday (Concert For NYC 2001)
48Paul McCartneyMean Woman Blues (Unplugged Outtake)
49Paul McCartneySay Say Say (12" Instrumental Remix)
50Paul McCartneyLonely Road (Dave Way Radio Remix)
Remix – Dave Way
51Paul McCartneyWhole Life (With David A. Stewart)
Featuring – David A. Stewart
52Paul McCartneyLady Madonna (Live In LA June 2007)
53Paul McCartneyThe First Stone (Single B-Side)
54Paul McCartneyComing Up (Linus Loves Mix)
Remix – Linus Loves
55Paul McCartneySpies Like Us (12" John Potoker Party Mix)
Remix – John Potoker
56Paul McCartneyAt The Mercy (Instrumental)
57Paul McCartneyOff The Ground (Keith Cohen Radio Remix #1)
Remix – Keith Cohen
58Paul McCartneyHelen Wheels (Promotional Mono Version)
59Paul McCartneyTalk More Talk (12" Remix)
60Paul McCartneyIt's Now Or Never
61Paul McCartneyLet 'Em In (Different Gear Mix #1)
62Paul McCartneyPretty Little Head (12" Remix)
63Paul McCartneySpies LIke Us (DJ Version)
64Paul McCartneyAngry (Remix)
65Paul McCartneyComing Up (Live At Knebworth)
66Paul McCartneyDown To The River
67Paul McCartneyPretty Little Head (Single Remix)
68Paul McCartneySilly Love Songs (Gauzz Remix)
Remix – Gauzz
69Paul McCartneyDrive My Car (Super Bowl 2005)
70Paul McCartneyBroomstick (B-Side)
71Paul McCartneyOh Woman, Oh Why (Promotional Mono Version)
72Paul McCartneyLooking For You (B-Side)
73Paul McCartneyShe's So Beautiful (Japanese Bonus Track)
74Paul McCartneyOnly Mama Knows (Edit)
75Paul McCartneyMy Soul
76Paul McCartneySilly Love Songs (Artful Dodger Mix)
Remix – Artful Dodger
77Paul McCartneyLet 'Em In (Live In Tokyo 5-3-90)
78Paul McCartneyGoodnight Tonight (Manhattan Disco Lovers Remix)
79Paul McCartneyLet 'Em In (Promotional Mono Edit)
80Paul McCartneyWhole Life (From David Stewart Website 2011)
81Paul McCartneyGive Ireland Back To The Irish (Version)
82Paul McCartneyWalk With You (Duet With Ringo Starr
Featuring – Ringo Starr
83Paul McCartneyWith A Little Luck (Chris Mix)
84Paul McCartneyThe Girl Is Mine (Single Version)
85Paul McCartneyMy Carnival (Unreleased Alternate Party Mix)
86Paul McCartneyAll You Need Is Love
87Paul McCartneyOu Est Le Soleil? (Dennis Muyet Disconet Edit)
Remix – Dennis Muyet
88Paul McCartneyRainclouds (B-Side)
89Paul McCartneyOde To A Koala Bear (B-Side)
90Paul McCartneyOu Est Le Soleil? (Shep Pettibone 12" Instrumental Mix)
Remix – Shep Pettibone
91Paul McCartneyAnyway (Instrumental)
92Paul McCartneyPretty Little Head (Unreleased Extended Alternate Mix)
93Paul McCartneySilly Love Songs (Wings Vs Loop Da Loop Main Mix)
Remix – Loop Da Loop
94Paul McCartneyRiding To Vanity Fair (Instrumental)
95Paul McCartneyNow Hear This Song Of Mine (Medium - US Promo Record)
96Paul McCartneyWe Can Work It Out (Unplugged Edit)
97Paul McCartneyWe All Stand Together (Humming Version)
98Paul McCartneyRock Show (Promotional Mono Version)
99Paul McCartneyI Wanna Cry
100Paul McCartneyBrung To Ewe (Skit 3 - US Promo Record)
101Paul McCartneyMull Of Kintyre (Promotional Stereo Edit)
102Paul McCartneyNo More Lonely Nights (Special Arthur Baker Dance Mix)
Remix – Arthur Baker
103Paul McCartneyTropic Island Hum (Radio Edit)
104Paul McCartneyA Room With A View
105Paul McCartneyOde To A Koala Bear (Australian B-Side)
106Paul McCartneyC'mon People (Radio Edit)
107Paul McCartneyThe Very Thought Of You (Duet With Tony Bennett)
Featuring – Tony Bennett
108Paul McCartneyOobu Joobu - Part 2 (Incl. 'Atlantic Ocean')
109Paul McCartneyMidnight Special (Unplugged Outtake)
110Paul McCartneyHey Jude (Live In LA June 2007)
111Paul McCartneyDriving Rain (Remix)
112Paul McCartney(I Want To) Come Home (Film Soundtrack 2009)
113Paul McCartneyNo More Lonely Nights (Warren Sandford Extended Edit)
Remix – Warren Sanford
114Paul McCartneyOobu Joobu - Part 5 (Incl. 'Beautiful Night' Original Version)
115Paul McCartneyLove Is Strange (Unreleased Single Edit)
116Paul McCartneySally G (Promotional Mono Version)
117Paul McCartneyMull Of Kintyre (Live In Glasgow 23-6-90)
118Paul McCartneySpies Like Us (Unreleased Alternate Party Mix)
119Paul McCartneyPress (Single Version)
120Paul McCartneyI'm In Love Again
121Paul McCartneyOobu Joobu - Part 6 (Incl. 'Love Mix)
122Paul McCartneyBlackbird (Live In LA June 2007)
123Paul McCartneyPress (12" Dub Mix)
124Paul McCartneyTha's All Right
125Paul McCartneyOobu Joobu - Part 4 (Incl. 'Don't Break The Promise')
126Paul McCartneyLong Leather Coat
127Paul McCartneyWonderful Christmastime (Esanto Mix)
128Paul McCartneyPS Love Me Do
129Paul McCartneyCosmically Conscious
130Paul McCartneyWe All Stand Together (Radio Edit)
131Paul McCartneyFabulous (Stereo)
132Paul McCartneyHey Jude (Live At Knebworth)
133Paul McCartneyIt's Not True (Single B-Side)
134Paul McCartneySay Say Say (12" Extended Remix)
135Paul McCartneyHeal The Pain (Duet With George Michael)
Featuring – George Michael
136Paul McCartneyI Can't Imagine
137Paul McCartneyParty Party (Promotional 12" Bruce Forest Extended Remix)
Remix – Bruce Forest
138Paul McCartneyKicked Around No More
139Paul McCartneyOu Est Le Soleil? (Shep Pettibone 12" Remix)
Remix – Shep Pettibone
140Paul McCartneyEbony And Ivory (Solo Version)
141Paul McCartneyMessage For Japan
142Paul McCartneyAnother Day (Promotional Mono Version)
143Paul McCartneyTake It Away (Single Version)
144Paul McCartneyStyle Style
145Paul McCartneyAll My Trials (Live In Milan 27-10-89)
146Paul McCartneyIn Private (Bonus Track)
147Paul McCartneySilly Love Songs (Noir & Kruse Extended Mix)
148Paul McCartneyLetting Go (Promotional Mono Remix)
149Paul McCartneyToo Many People (Promotional Mono Version)
150Paul McCartneyTemporary Secretary (Chris Mix)
151Paul McCartneyFreedom (Radio Edit)
152Paul McCartneyOobu Joobu - Part 3 (Incl. 'Squid')
153Paul McCartneyMy Soul (With Nitin Sawhney; Instrumental)
Featuring – Nitin Sawhney
154Paul McCartneySweet Sweet Memories/Soggy Noodle
155Paul McCartneyDance Tonight (Live In LA June 2007)
156Paul McCartneyA Love For You
157Paul McCartneyHey Jude (Music For Montserrat 1997)
158Paul McCartneyInterlude II/Soledad
159Paul McCartneyAll Shook Up (Live At Cavern 1999)
160Paul McCartneyLet 'Em In (Promotional Stereo Edit)
161Paul McCartneyNow Hear This Song Of Mine (Fast - US Promo Record)
162Paul McCartneyThings We Said Today (Unplugged Outtake)
163Paul McCartneySomething (Concert For George 2003)
164Paul McCartneyUncle Albert/Admiral Halsey (Promotional Mono Version)
165Paul McCartneyOu Est Le Soleil? (Single Remix)
166Paul McCartneyParty Party (3" Bruce Forest Remix)
Remix – Bruce Forest
167Paul McCartneyTemporary Secretary (Radio Slave Remix)
Remix – Radio Slave
168Paul McCartneyNow Hear This Song Of Mine (Slow - US Promo Record)
169Paul McCartneyFreedom (Concert For NYC 2001)
170Paul McCartneyLetting Go (Promotional Stereo Remix)
171Paul McCartneyLet 'Em In (Special Remix)
172Paul McCartneyFrom A Lover To A Friend (David Kahne Remix #1)
Remix – David Kahne
173Paul McCartneyJunior's Farm (Promotional Stereo Edit)
174Paul McCartneyWe Got Married (Promotional Edit)
175Paul McCartneyOu Est Le Soleil? (Shep Pettibone US Promo Edit)
Remix – Shep Pettibone
176Paul McCartneyI Want To Walk You Home
177Paul McCartneyBrown Eyed Handsome Man (Mono)
178Paul McCartneyStranglehold (Unreleased Rough Remix)
179Paul McCartneyGoodnight Tonight (12" Long Version)
180Paul McCartneyThe Long And Winding Road (BBC Special)
181Paul McCartneyBrung To Ewe (Skit 1 - US Promo Record)
182Paul McCartneyYour Loving Flame
Remix – Dave Way
183Paul McCartneyDeliverance (Dub Mix)
184Paul McCartneySoily (Live B-Side)
185Paul McCartneySilly Love Songs (Promotional Stereo Edit)
186Paul McCartneyHigh In The Clouds (Reading Sample From Paul McCartney)
187Paul McCartneyBeware My Love (Single Edit)
188Paul McCartneyCountry Dreamer (Promotional Mono Version)
189Paul McCartneyB-Side To Seaside (86 Single Remix)
190Paul McCartneyGet Back (Live In LA June 2007)
191Paul McCartneyGood Sign (Promotional Groove Mix)
192Paul McCartneyHi Hi Hi/C Moon (Radio Spot)
193Paul McCartneyJunior's Farm (Promotional Mono Version)
194Paul McCartneyGood Sign (12" Version)
195Paul McCartneyEat At Home (Promotional Mono Version)
196Paul McCartneyPS Love Me Do (Live In Rio 21-4-90)
197Paul McCartneyParty Party (Promotional US Rocks! Edit)
198Paul McCartneyWith A Little Luck (Stereo Edit)
199Paul McCartneyFigure Of Eight (Extended Single Remix)
200Paul McCartneyFlying To My Home (B-Side)
201Paul McCartneyI Want You To Fly (B-Side)
202Paul McCartneyI Saw Her Standing There (Live In LA June 2007)
203Paul McCartneyThis Loving Game (B-Side)
204Paul McCartneyLondon Town (Promotional Stereo Edit)
205Paul McCartneyC Moon (Soundcheck Milan 26-10-89)
206Paul McCartneyThis One (Club Lovejoys Mix)
207Paul McCartneyFabulous (Mono)
208Paul McCartneyOff The Ground (Keith Cohen Remix #2)
Remix – Keith Cohen
209Paul McCartneyGoodnight Tonight (Chris Mix)
210Paul McCartneyFreedom (Live Version)
211Paul McCartneyKeep Coming Back To Love
212Paul McCartneyHere Today (Live In LA June 2007)
213Paul McCartneySo Bad (Duet With Lindsey Pagano)
Featuring – Lindsay Pagano
214Paul McCartneyNo More Lonely Nights (Playout Version, Single B-Side)
215Paul McCartneyStrawberry Fields Forever/Help!/Give Peace A Chance (Live In Liverpool 28-6-90)
216Paul McCartneyOnly Mama Knows (Live In LA June 2007)
217Paul McCartneyThis Never Happened Before (Promo Edit)
218Paul McCartneyMy Carnival (12" Party Mix)
219Paul McCartneySilly Love Songs (Chris Mix)
220Paul McCartneyTropic Island Hum (Long Version)
221Paul McCartneyKansas City
222Paul McCartneyNo More Lonely Nights (JSM/Alessi Bros Mix)
Remix – Alessi Bros, JSM
223Paul McCartneyVenus And Mars/Rock Show (Promotional Stereo Edit)
224Paul McCartneyPress (10" Version)
225Paul McCartneyBrung To Ewe (Skit 2 - US Promo Record)
226Paul McCartneyI'm Partial To Your Abracadabra (Version 2)
227Paul McCartneyTropic Island Hum (Intro)
228Paul McCartneyGood Day Sunshine (Live In Montreal 5-12-89)
229Paul McCartneyThe Girl Is Mine (New Edited Version)
230Paul McCartneyGirls' School (Promotional Stereo Edit)
231Paul McCartneyI'm Down (Concert For NYC 2001)
232Paul McCartneyHanglide (12" Version)
233Paul McCartneyLet It Be (Concert For NYC 2001)
234Paul McCartneyWhile My Guitar Gently Weeps (Concert For George 2003)
235Paul McCartneyMaybe I'm Amazed (Live Single Mix)
236Paul McCartneyTug Of War (Single Version)
237Paul McCartneyInside Thing (Duet With Lulu)
Featuring – Lulu
238Paul McCartneyCalico Skies
239Paul McCartneyVanilla Sky
240Paul McCartneyBand On The Run (Promotional Mono Version)
241Paul McCartneyGoodnight Tonight (Loop Da Loop Club Mix)
Remix – Loop Da Loop
242Paul McCartneyAll Things Must Pass (Concert For George 2003)
243Paul McCartneyMatchbox (Soundcheck U.S. Tour 2002)
244Paul McCartneyTough On A Tightrope (12" Remix)
245Paul McCartneyOobu Joobu - Part 1 (Incl. 'I Love This House')
246Paul McCartneyBring It On Home To Me (Duet With George Benson & Al Jarreau)
Featuring – Al Jarreau, George Benson
247Paul McCartneySpies Like Us (Unreleased Instrumental Mix)
248Paul McCartneyJenny Wren (Radio Edit)
249Paul McCartneyThat Was Me (Live In LA June 2007)
250Twin Freaks Really Love You (Radio)
251Paul McCartneySpies Like Us (12" Art Of Noise Alternate Mix - Known To His Friends As Tom)
Remix – Art Of Noise
252Paul McCartneyVenus And Mars (Promotional Mono Version)
253Paul McCartneyGrowing Up Falling Down (B-Side)


1971 - 2011 - 40 Years Of Solo Works


McCartney is the debut solo album by English musician Paul McCartney, released on 17 April 1970 by Apple Records. He recorded the album in secrecy, mostly using basic home-recording equipment at his house in St John's Wood. Mixing and some later recording took place at professional studios in London. In its preference for loosely arranged performance, McCartney eschewed the polish of the Beatles' past records in favour of a lo-fi style. Apart from occasional contributions by his wife, Linda, he. The McCartney album was good fun, Paul remembers, because I got a machine from EMI, only a four-track, and I just had it in my living room where I lived in London at the time. Id just go in for the day like Monsieur Magritte. Go in and do a little bit of stuff and make something up, and knock off in the evenings. Release Date: 17th April 1970 UK, 20th April 1970 USA Paul McCartney - All instruments and vocals Linda McCartney - Harmonies All tracks composed by Paul McCartney Produced & arranged by Paul McCartney. related media. MPL Communications Ltd. Songs in album Paul McCartney - McCartney 1970. Paul McCartney - The Lovely Linda. Paul McCartney - That Would Be Something. Paul McCartney - Valentine Day. Paul McCartney - Every Night. Paul McCartney - Hot As SunGlasses. Paul McCartney - Junk. Paul McCartney - Man We Was Lonely. Paul McCartney - Oo You. Paul McCartney - Momma Miss America. Paul McCartney - Teddy. It was issued on Apple Records in April 1970 after McCartney had resisted attempts by his fellow Beatles to. For McCartney, the period following Lennons departure was also marked by a bout of severe depression, during which, in his own estimation, he came close to suffering a nervous breakdown. In his book Fab: An Intimate Life of Paul McCartney 2010, Howard Sounes writes of the McCartneys exile at High Park: This was grim for Linda. She had a seven-year-old and a baby to look after, with a husband who was depressed and drunk. Paul McCartney. Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five Paul McCartney & Wings Vs. Timo Maas & James Teej. Paul McCartney, Wings, Timo Maas, James Teej. 2016 сингл. Love Song to the Earth. Bon Jovi, Sean Paul, Fergie, Krewella, Paul McCartney, Leona Lewis. 2015 сингл. Paul McCartney, Michael Salvatori, C Paul Johnson, Martin O'Donnell. 2014 Original Soundtrack. Paul McCartney Interviewed by Johnny Black. Hope For The Future. 2014 сингл. Out of Sight. McCartney Archive Collection. Double Vinyl, Remastered. Paul McCartney Format: Vinyl. One of the Best Albums that Paul McCartney had released in his was his First Solo Album after The Beatles had split. A Classic Album and a Must for all Fans. Read more. Paul McCartney retreated from the spotlight of the Beatles by recording his first solo album at his home studio, performing nearly all of the instruments himself. Appropriately, McCartney has an endearingly ragged, homemade quality that makes even its filler - and there is quite a bit of filler - rather ingratiating. Only a handful of songs rank as full-fledged McCartney classics, but those songs - the light folk-pop of That Would Be Something, the sweet, gentle Every Night, the ramshackle Beatles leftover Teddy Boy, and the staggering Maybe I'. Paul McCartney from United Kingdom. The top ranked albums by Paul McCartney are Band On The Run, Ram and McCartney. This artist is rated in the top 2 of all artists on

Paul McCartney - The McCartney Companion mp3

Performer: Paul McCartney

Title: The McCartney Companion

Country: Europe

Release date: 2011

Label: BFB , Rapple

Style: Pop Rock

Catalog: BFB 74

Genre: Rock / Pop

Size MP3: 1781 mb

Rating: 4.5 / 5

Votes: 435

Record source: 14 × CDr Box Set, Limited Edition, Numbered

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